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Join Plastic Free Ocean Network

Record Waste Data from Coastline of Indonesia

Let's join a community movement to record trash in our beaches and help make ocean plastic free. Together with your group, sign up to Plastic Free Ocean Network and head out to the beach for scientific coastal waste monitoring. Use the app to easily record items of trash you collect. Share your story to make bigger plastic free ocean network!

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About Plastic Free Ocean Network (web and apps)

Indonesia has about 99.093 km of coastline, much more than most countries (Geospatial Information Agency). Those coastlines are where ocean garbage stranded, and we can do something about it! Indonesia needs baseline data of coastal trash to make better waste policy and management. Plastic Free Ocean Network is a platform for communities to share their scientific data on beach trash record and cleanup activity. These data hopefully will deliver a national snapshot of ocean trash, providing researchers and policy-makers insight to result better solutions for our waste management.

Plastic Ocean Free Network is a platform for community coastal waste observers initiated by Plastic Free Ocean Program WWF-Indonesia. This voluntary-based movement is aimed to grow bigger as our awareness is rising for making ocean plastic free.

Scientific Coastal Waste Monitoring

Plastic Free Ocean Network is community activity to monitor coastal waste using method from CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization) Global Plastic Pollution Project, Australia.

It takes 3-4 observers in group to easily monitor coastal waste by using transect system and produce high density of waste data and get better description of distribution ocean waste in coastal areas more quickly and precisely.

Plastic Free Ocean Network
Waste Monitoring Tutorial

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